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10 Romantic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him and Her

10 Romantic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him and Her

10 Romantic Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him and Her

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and while chocolates and flowers will always top Valentine's Day gifting ideas, take a different route by picking a healthy gift online. It’s the best way to show your loved one how much you care about their health and well-being. Alternatively, you can also make some DIY gifts that will definitely win hearts. Here’s a list of Valentine’s gifting ideas you can choose from.

Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Husband

  1. Handmade Scrapbook or Mirror

    No matter what you choose to gift a loved one, there should always be a personal touch to your presents. For this Valentine’s Day, surprise your husband with a DIY gift made by you. A gift can’t get more unique and memorable than what you created yourself. Your husband might be crazy about Marvel superhero characters like Iron Man, Doctor Strange, and Hulk. You can paint these characters, and give them as scrapbooks or decorative mirrors with their sketches for the bedroom.
  2. Knit a Wallet

    Knitted materials are not meant for winter only! Accessorising with knitted or woollen materials for any season is the most exciting way to look fashionable. There are plenty of online videos that teach you how to knit wallets. Pick one or two of his favourite colours and make a small and cute wallet out of those! It’s cool and lightweight and is definitely a great way to personlise your love memento.
  3. Write a Missive

    Missives have an old-world charm. While we have got used to working with electronic gadgets, let this Valentine’s Day be unique with missives. Write about anything, your first outing to a multi-cuisine restaurant or an adventurous trip together. Penning those cherished moments in letters can be both fun and romantic!
  4. Buy his Favourite Picture Frame

    Favourite movie or series posters, famous quotes of popular cinematic figures and their paintings are a common sight in the study room. If your husband had been hunting down his next most loved poster, you know when to gift him this!
  5. Make him a Mixtape

    Nothing can beat a mix of old 80s and 90’s songs, be it Hollywood or Indian music. Put all his old favourites in a pen drive or create a Spotify playlist to enjoy while he is behind the wheel! The vibe is just wholesome.
  6. Buy a New Laptop Cover

    You can customise almost anything today. If your husband still has been using an old, dull laptop cover, get him the neon laptop covers that glow at night! Neon laptop covers are a sight to behold on the corner of your study desk in the dark.
  7. Invest in Expensive Earphones

    Every audiophile dreams of owning at least one Sennheiser earphone or headphones. If your husband is a bass lover and turns to music for a peaceful sleep, give him the best Sennheiser model this year!
  8. Purchase a Gaming Console

    Playing FIFA games on your TVs or monitors is the best thing for every hardcore gamer. Get him an Xbox or Sony PlayStation to spend weekends playing FIFA with his friends.
  9. Cook his Favourite Cuisine

    Cooking a delicious dinner is one of the most underrated things to do on Valentine’s Day evening. Pan-Asian or Mediterranean, the joy of helping each other in the kitchen and enjoying dinner in a candle-lit environment is something everyone must do!
  10. Take him on an Adventurous Trip

    Remember ZNMD film and Hrithik and Farhan doing things out of their comfort zone? Spot a place that stays on his bucket list and let him have the time of his life by paragliding or scuba diving.

Valentine Gift Ideas for Wife

  1. Get her a Favourite Perfume

    There is always something romantic and personal in gifting perfumes. Top brands like Versace, Chanel, and Dior, have a range of perfumes in rose, jasmine, and other exotic flavours. This Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to gift her the most expensive fragrance!
  2. Gift her a Beanbag

    Beanbags are a staple for home décor and the next best companion after popcorn for her Netflix movie marathons! Beanbags offer ample respite, mainly if she is working from home! Make every day exciting and comfortable with a beanbag in her favourite colour!
  3. Refurbish Kitchen Cabinets

    Cooking is always a delight; it quickly turns more delightful when your kitchen has all the modern amenities. If your wife has been looking at the dark and maroon teak wood finishings for your kitchen cabinets, now is the time to surprise her!
  4. Bring the Spa Experience Home

    If her weekdays are full of corporate meetings and client calls, and she has no time to get away for a spa weekend, go ahead and gift her one at home. Several spas offer luxury massage and other services at home for women in the city these days. Let your lady put up her feet and relish the aromatic oils and candles as she unwinds after a long day!
  5. Gift her a Painting

    It’s always lovely to revisit old memories by browsing through your pictures together! Gift her a painting with the first picture of you two, or only her. See how memories flood her mind when she looks at it this Valentine’s Day!
  6. Surprise her with a Polaroid Camera

    If she loves to click pictures and frame them instantly, a polaroid camera is the best gift for your wife this Valentine’s Day! Give her the latest Fujifilm Instax camera and click your first selfie together on any of your special dates or events.
  7. Invest in a High-Quality Journal

    Journalling gives the utmost calm and helps you reflect on your thoughts when you wind down for the day. If your wife collects diaries or quality journals with exciting covers, gift her a remarkable diary to pen her thoughts on Valentine’s Day!
  8. Get her Favourite Celebrity’s Autograph

    Do you remember Suits character Harvey Spector, adorning his office with autographed basketballs from the top NBA players? Find out what your wife loves, and get it signed by the most extraordinary personality she adores!
  9. Present a Personalised Sound Wave Frame

    Gifting the sound wave of a song or podcast goes beyond making a playlist. Be it a keychain or a small picture frame to keep by your bed. Your wife will cherish it forever!
  10. Get her a Sabyasachi or Tarun Tahiliani Outfit

    Every fashionista's dream is to own outfits from India's best Sabyasachi or Tarun Tahiliani. If your wife loves red, Sabya's latest line of red saris and lehengas might interest her! If she is into beige and ivory, Tarun's scintillating lehengas and saris in muted tones should be in her wardrobe.

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