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Experience hydration re-imagined with our Herb Infused Functional Water. Crafted with a harmonious blend of nature's finest herbs, each sip is an indulgence in revitalization. Unlike regular water, our herb infused water offers more than just hydration. It aims to address various functionalities required to harmonize body and mind in the current modern day lifestyle, promoting inner balance. Every bottle is a journey into ancient wellness traditions, carefully formulated to elevate your hydration experience. Embrace the purity of nature, and redefine your hydration ritual with our Herb Infused Functional Water.

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this caffeine-free herbal infusion DESTRESSTEA from herbea is exactly what you need to Relax your mind

STABILITEA | Swasthyam

this light and golden-hued caffeine-free blend STABILITEA from herbea is exactly what you need to control your blood sugar levels naturally

AGILITEA | Lekhana

this metabolism-boosting blend Agilitea from herbea is exactly what you need for your weight loss


this rose petal-infused caffeine-free blend Coolingtea from herbea is exactly what you need for beating the body heat and avoiding acidity


this Immunity booster IMMUNITEA from herbea is exactly what you need to Improve your Inner Strength

DIGESTEA | Pachana

this caffeine-free, light-colored blend DIGESTEA from herbea is exactly what you need to maintain your gut health

DETOXTEA | Shuddhi

this vibrant and healthy DETOXTEA from herbea is exactly what you need to Cleanse Your Body

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The solution to modern-day lifestyle challenges lies in the ancient scriptures of Ayurveda. Herbea aims at aiding you to tackle lifestyle issues using our age-old wisdom of 11 generations. Our products promise functional wellness and cater to the demands of the modern day lifestyle. Experience everyday wellbeing backed by the goodness of Ayurveda.

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"Best Infusion Ever! I saw the advertisement on Facebook and decided to order a pack of Sheetal the cooling tea. I must say that I have not regretted it at all. All I can say is the best infusion I ever had. I will stick to your brand from now on. Nothing can beat the purity of Ayurveda."

-Shubhash Sharma, Delhi

"Authentic, Genuine, and Pure My experience with Herbëa is excellent with regard to the quality of tea, ease of ordering online, and quickest mode of delivery of the product. I’ve ordered a pack of Shantam the destress tea and i can feel the richness of Bramhi and Shankhpushpi. I have already joined the revolution."

-Komal Jain, Pune

"Herbea has truly transformed my tea-drinking experience. Its blend of natural herbs and botanicals not only tastes delightful but also leaves me feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. A cup of Herbea is now an essential part of my daily routine!"

- Priya S., Bangalore

"As someone who's always looking for natural ways to support my well-being, Herbea has been a game-changer for me. I love knowing that I'm nourishing my body with wholesome ingredients with every sip. Plus, the calming aroma helps me unwind after a long day."

- Rohan M., Mumbai