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8 Benefits of Chamomile Tea for Your Skin, Hair and Overall Health

8 Benefits of Chamomile Tea for Your Skin, Hair and Overall Health

8 Benefits of Chamomile Tea for Your Skin, Hair and Overall Health

Looking for a healthy concoction that will calm your nerves, ease stress and boost your overall health? A steaming cup of chamomile tea can do that and much more. This herbal tea can calm your mind and body and also work wonders on your skin. Read on to find out how a cup of chamomile tea can boost your health and well-being.
  1. Helps in weight loss

    Repairing your digestive system for better functioning is the first step in your weight loss journey. If your intestines work correctly, you will start losing weight naturally. Bloating is one of the signs to watch out for as it indicates that the digestive organs are not performing optimally. Bloating occurs when you consume large meals, which leads to gas buildup. Due to dieting and food restrictions, you can experience bloating during weight loss. Chamomile tea can relieve bloating and increase your metabolism, resulting in weight loss.
  2. Makes your hair stronger

    Dandruff becomes a headache when there are not enough anti-inflammatory compounds in your body. The scalp becomes extremely dry and itchy, and your skin can turn flaky. Drinking chamomile tea every day can significantly impact your hair, as it reduces dandruff. Chamomile is also a rich repository of anti-inflammatory properties. Hence, it nourishes your hair. You can add chamomile tea to your scalp without adding any sweetener. It helps lighten your hair. Applying chamomile will tone it down if your hair is dark and you want a lighter shade. Chamomile also brings back the natural luster to your hair, if it has become dull due to pollution. This tea works well for your overall hair health if you consume it daily.
  3. Results in healthy and glowing skin

    Winter can be harsh on your skin. As a result, it can turn red and irritable patches can appear on your skin. A chamomile scrub with oatmeal can do wonders to heal it! You can also use chamomile to make a mask and wait for it to dry. Additionally, you can turn on the glow with a cup of chamomile tea daily. It will leave your skin feeling soft, radiant, and beautiful.
  4. Improves the quality of sleep

    Calm nerves are all you need for a peaceful sleep every night. Anxiety can attack your CNS (central nervous system) first, wreaking havoc on your sleep schedule. This can result in insomnia. Chamomile has been used to cure insomnia for centuries, as it works as a sedative. This in turn ensures you get quality sleep every day.
  5. Fights stress

    Chamomile is powerful due to the presence of a bioactive compound, apigenin. This flavonoid, which helps fight many medical conditions, acts as a sedative. Hence, when people with mild stress and anxiety take chamomile, they feel better, as their minds can relax without getting tensed.
  6. Stimulates gastric juices

    If you think gastric juices help only during digestive processes, read this. These juices indeed smoothen your digestion. Gastric juices, in reality, break down your food and are responsible for your body's metabolic rate. Any issue while breaking down the food will slow the energy required to be active. This is the reason why many can't reduce weight quickly and effectively. Chamomile influences gastric juices, thereby increasing metabolism. An increase in metabolism is everything your body desires to be active and fit.
  7. Works on your appetite

    Cravings are the worst enemy of someone trying to lose weight, and these can be higher, especially when you are on a diet. Serotonin in chamomile improves your mind, appetite, and sleep pattern. Thus, chamomile is a natural suppressant, as it tricks your brain, so you are not hungry. Chamomile tea also makes you feel satiated after one cup. Hence, this can be your go-to tea if you are trying to lose extra pounds!
  8. Detoxes the body

    Free radicals in your body can hamper its regular functioning. Since chamomile tea is rich in antioxidants, your body will naturally feel fresh by eliminating bloating, flushing out toxins, and other insignificant fluids. You can go for an entire body detox every two weeks or once a month. Adding this tea to your cleansing ritual could be your first step in making your body healthy. Knowing its benefits, you should also learn how to brew perfect chamomile tea. So, here’s the recipe: ⦁ Powdered chamomile is available with other herbs in the market. You can add this to your warm water with honey and consume it. ⦁ If you want chamomile in its purest form, add the dried flowers to boiling water and strain the decoction. You can use honey or other sweeteners like palm sugar or powdered jaggery to enhance its taste.

Why should you add chamomile tea to your diet?

Chamomile tea is one of the most popular herbal teas out there as it offers ample health benefits. It is safe to use, and easy to access and consume. Add it to your daily diet for radiant skin, healthy hair, and sound sleep! It can also help you get physically fit and also helps you mentally relax without stepping out of your home. A cup of chamomile tea can do wonders for your health, so this New Year as you pen down your health goals, consider adding drinking a cup of chamomile tea to your list. It can help relax you and also packs in multiple health benefits that can improve your health and overall well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which is better green tea or chamomile tea?

    Even though green tea is potent with antioxidants, chamomile can significantly impact your daily sleep schedule. Hence, it is better to take chamomile tea twice daily, while you can have green tea in the mornings.
  2. Is it okay to drink chamomile tea every day?

    Chamomile tea is one of the safest herbal teas you can consume daily. Medical experts and research opine that even five cups of chamomile tea daily is safe. But chamomile tea works effectively, even when you have it twice a day.
  3. What is the best bedtime drink to help you sleep?

    Warm milk is one of the best bedtime drinks that can help you sleep. You can also have chamomile tea, a banana smoothie, coconut water, almond milk, and decaffeinated green tea before sleeping.
  4. When should you drink chamomile tea?

    There is no harm in drinking chamomile tea at any time of the day. Since it reduces anxiety and has a lot of positive effects on sleep, it is best to consume chamomile tea at night.