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5 Wellness gift ideas for the health-conscious person you know

5 Wellness gift ideas for the health-conscious person you know 5 Wellness gift ideas for the health-conscious person you know Adapting to social and lifestyle changes is one thing. While staying healthy is often ignored in this fast-food era, wanting your dear and near ones to stay fit is another thing. How can you show that you love them? One way is through gifting. What if you give a healthy twist to your friends and family gifts? Here are your go-to healthy gifting options. Read on to know why herbal tea should be your n44ext pick for a great gift box.

What should you give someone who is on a diet?

Presenting gifts to someone is always personal and time-consuming, as you must know their interests and likes. You can find various things to give to someone on a diet too! They include
  1. Nutritious snack mix

    While everyday snack mix has various food items rich in oil and fat, you can substitute this with healthy nuts: roasted almonds, cashew nuts, and Himalayan rock salt. Additional ingredients like cinnamon powder, sunflower and hemp seeds contribute to healthy fat gain.
  2. Organic roasted pumpkin seeds

    Pumpkin seeds have plenty of advantages in your kitchen and craft! While you can use these in your paintings, pumpkin seeds also support weight loss. To have a nutty sautéed vegetable gravy, throwing in some of these seeds will add a great flavour and a crunchy texture.
  3. Organic honey

    You can see that honey is the best replacement for sugar for weight loss. While the sweetness in your food is retained, giving a unique flavour, your body perfectly maintains the sugar level to remain active.
  4. Berries

    Berries like blueberries, raspberries and cranberries are rich in nutrients and fiber. People who wish to reduce weight can consume these to reduce fat around the waist and hips. If you want something easy to prepare and tasty to consume, turn to herbal teas without a doubt! Herbal teas have undergone a tremendous change; which is not bitter or difficult to taste anymore.
  5. Herbea’s agilitea

    Herbal teas are also at the top of the gifting list this year. These herbal teas are potent and pocket-friendly too. Herbea’s agilitea has excellent ingredients that promote a quick fat metabolism. It includes triphala (myrobalans), musta (nut grass) and daruharidra (Indian barberry) that work together to help you lose weight.
Gift our herbal tea variant to someone on a diet! Herbea’s weight loss tea is delicious and effectively keeps body fat levels in check.

Why gift a tea box for any festival and celebration?

Festivals bring a lot of joy and hope to people. Brand new dresses, plenty of sweetmeats and a delicious food spread are a few festive signs. There is another exciting thing which uplifts spirits, and it is a gift! Apart from ordinary gifting materials, you can give someone tea. If you are wondering how tea can benefit someone during the festive season, read on to know more.
  1. Tea for fitness freaks

    Someone can train hard with cross-fit equipment and perform other HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts throughout the year. However, the one-time most of them are likely to go easy on their diet and fitness routine is during the festival season. Now, you can give them a healthy option to help them enjoy the festivities while they stay true to their fitness goals. Herbea’s agilitea makes it possible for everyone to enjoy their favourite foods while focusing on their weight loss journey.
  2. Tea for caffeine lovers

    If you are friends with someone who begins their day with a cup of coffee, here is what you can give them! You can replace their daily cup of coffee with herbal tea, which is healthy. Herbea's destresstea does not contain any caffeine; but has Brahmi (Indian pennywort), an excellent herb for calming and activating your nerves! Unlike caffeine, cardamom and shankhpushpi (Aloe weed) also pleasantly activate your central nervous system. Switch to a healthy morning routine with Herbea's Brahmi tea and feel the difference.
  3. Tea for people with a sweet tooth

    Most people love sweets, and look forward to indulging in them during the festive season. However, those who are diabetic or have to follow some health restrictions, have no other option but to look for healthy alternatives to satisfy those sugar cravings. In this case, a diabetes-friendly tea with minimal sugar levels is your perfect gift. Our stabiltea, with the goodness of cinnamon, turmeric and daruharidra (Indian barberry), lowers blood sugar levels and acts as stabilising factor. Amla (Indian gooseberry) and ginger, rich in antioxidants, play an essential role in rejuvenating body tissues.

What to give a person who works out?

If you want to give interesting presents to your friends, who are gym enthusiasts, we have got you covered! Here is what you can give them!
  1. Energy bars

    Staying energetic throughout the workout sessions is really important. It is hard to lift heavy kettle balls and dumb bells with no energy. If your friends are tired of eating bananas before their training sessions, energy bars are your saviour. They energize you and help burn fat faster.
  2. Dried fruits

    Walnuts, hazelnuts, apricots, raisins, and dry figs contain anti-oxidants and low-salt properties. While your body is in calorie-deficit mode during the weight-loss journey, these dried fruits release instant energy as they increase the metabolism.
  3. Artisan dark chocolates

    Cacao in dark chocolates boosts cardiac health. Almonds along with dark chocolates fight against unhealthy lipid (fat) levels in the body.
  4. Herbal tea gifts

    People are aware of herbal tea infusions and their benefits in recent times. Herbal tea is a brainchild of modern Ayurveda, and is now available in tea bags that are convenient to use and discard. If you care about someone and want to give them something that reduces preparation time and regulates their well-being, herbal tea is a great gifting option. Herbal tea hamper is not a surprise or news anymore! You will be shocked to know how many are gifting luxury tea boxes worldwide! While this is the trend, where can you find herbal tea boxes online? Herbea has introduced an exclusive ‘All in 1 Wellness Box’. This gift box contains organic tea bags of all our Ayurvedic infusions. From not stressing about your life to decreasing the heat produced and increasing immunity in your body, Herbea’s seven herbal teas are found in one package! It’s time to move away from boring gifting methods and switch to something meaningful and healthy! Step into a healthy lifestyle with our carefully curated herbal tea gifts!