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Tulsi Tea Benefits: Reasons to Include this Herbal Drink in Your Diet

Tulsi Tea Benefits: Reasons to Include this Herbal Drink in Your Diet Tulsi Tea Benefits: Reasons to Include this Herbal Drink in Your DietCan’t do without your morning cup of tea but got to look after your health as well? Wish there was a beverage as refreshing as tea but without causing any harm to your health? Well, such a healthy beverage has been right around you for ages - Tulsi Tea! Owing to the incredible health benefits on offer, Tulsi tea is steadily gaining the attention of connoisseurs as well as fitness enthusiasts across the world! Tulsi tea usually comprises carefully harvested Tulsi leaves that are first dried and then moderately crushed to preserve their potency and enhanced flavours. Tulsi leaves are packed with a wide range of anti-oxidants and have immense healing properties. This not only boosts your immunity but also helps in the faster healing of several ailments! One of the best ways to make the most of the medicinal properties of Tulsi is to consume it in the form of Tulsi tea.

Why Choose Tulsi Tea?

Tulsi tea not only makes for a great, refreshing drink but also packs a ton of health benefits! Here are the most important benefits of consuming Tulsi tea regularly.

Mitigates Respiratory Disorders

Shifting to a regular cup of Tulsi tea can help prevent respiratory illnesses such as common cold and cough, as well as graver ones like asthma & bronchitis. Tulsi tea is loaded with bioactive compounds like eugenol, camphene, cineole, and camphor, which work wonders by expelling persistent phlegm irritating and clogging your throat, and helps to improve breathing thereby providing much-needed relief! Not to forget, the taste and aroma of a hot cup of Tulsi tea are also soothing for a person suffering from respiratory illnesses!

Excellent Stress Buster

Being habituated to regular tea means you are at the mercy of the caffeine present in it, making you dependent on it in times of stress. But consuming excess tea, or the absence of a timely cup can wreak havoc on your stress levels. Tulsi tea is a safer, tastier and healthier option when it comes to enjoying a refreshing morning or relaxing evening drink. A cup of Tulsi tea helps manage stress by lowering the level of cortisol (hormone related to stress) which reduces your overall stress and anxiety. Switching to Tulsi tea certainly helps in keeping your cortisol level under check, and ultimately reduces the psychological and physical effects of stress in the long run!

Promotes Healthy Digestion

Strongly antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, Tulsi tea contributes to better digestion and gastrointestinal functioning. It is also a great digestive and antiemetic, i.e. it is effective against vomiting, nausea, constipation and acidity! It also aids healthy liver function. All in all, regular consumption of Tulsi tea can be contribute immensely to aiding your digestion and enhancing the health of your digestive system.

Improves Hair and Skin

As we age, our body loses its ability to tackle the formation of free radicals responsible for ageing and the degradation of cells and tissues. Tulsi tea has the ability to fight these free radicals to keep you looking young for longer. Similarly, polyphenols present in Tulsi tea are also beneficial in delaying the onset of ageing! Tulsi being a great antibacterial, the Tulsi tea makes for a great natural treatment against acne and other skin infections as well.

Good for Brain Health

Tulsi is a great source of flavonoids, a type of antioxidant that is beneficial for brain health. They protect neurons in the brain and aid cerebral vascular blood flow i.e. blood flow to the brain. This way, Tulsi tea can not only be instrumental in aiding the improvement of your physical health but also play a critical role in helping you to improve your brain health.

Regulated Blood Sugar

High blood sugar is a critical health issue that needs to be treated with proper care and attention. One simple way to prevent this problem is by consuming Tulsi tea. Tulsi tea boosts the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, which utilises the sugar in the blood for energy. This not only keeps your blood sugar levels low but also makes you feel energetic all day long! So if you’re ever feeling low, a cup of Tulsi tea can provide you with a much-needed energy boost!

Boosting Up Joint Strength

Owing to the harmful lifestyle and food habits most of us have today, decreased joint strength is a huge and very common concern. Tulsi contains Eugenol, a constituent oil with a strong anti-inflammatory effect on joints. Thus, regular consumption of Tulsi tea can be the solution to get rid of early-age joint problems! This is one of the main reasons why many senior citizens with joint problems are recommended to consume Tulsi tea regularly.

Additional Health Benefits

Tulsi helps tackle dangerous biochemicals that can be carcinogenic or contribute to degenerative diseases and premature ageing. It also contains small amounts of calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin K, iron, and zinc. Tulsi also provides relief from hot flashes and other menopause symptoms. Thus, Tulsi tea is the perfect beverage to enrich your mind and body in the truest sense. All in all, due to its unique taste and aroma, along with a plethora of health benefits, Tulsi tea is a great beverage to fall in love with. But what if you could get all of this and much more from a beverage? With Herbea’s Ayurveda-rich herbal drinks, health and wellness are just a sip away. Be sure to include it in your daily diet, and witness a healthier and fitter you! Contact us to know more about our types of ayurvedic infusions and their range of benefits.